Cathy is based in Suffolk, but travels widely across the UK and internationally with Awareness Matters running commissioned workshops and training for multi-agency professionals, counsellors/psychotherapists, from both statutory and voluntary organisations on issues related to domestic violence & abuse.

Cathy has 24 years experience as a therapist and is a registered MBACP Senior Accredited Counsellor and Supervisor with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy adhering to the BACP Code of Ethics. Cathy values working therapeutically with both clients and supervisees and enjoys the unique learning process that therapy provides. Cathy has a particular interest in the traumatic impact of domestic and sexual abuse.

Cathy is Chair of Trustees for the charity Compassion – addressing domestic abuse and providing long term support to victims and families. To learn more about the work of Compassion please view the short film below or visit  

Cathy is an experienced facilitator for therapeutic group work for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse and has provided group supervision for teams of facilitators and therapists for many years. Cathy has managed various specialist therapeutic service provisions including Southend Women’s Aid, SOS Domestic Abuse Projects and Lighthouse Women’s Aid, Ipswich.

For many years Cathy sat on the DV Hate Crime Scrutiny Panel addressing domestic abuse prosecutions for the Suffolk Crown Prosecution Service and continues to provide consultancy for organisations.

Cathy is enthusiastic and passionate about her work in the arena of domestic abuse, but when not working Cathy enjoys time with her family, walking, gardening, travel and catching up with friends.

Relationship Counselling & Psychotherapy:

Training to be a psychotherapist 25 years ago seemed a natural progression to make when working in therapeutic bodywork.

I have long believed in the integral connection between mind and body and draw on somatic approaches to enable clients to move through traumatic experiences.

Having worked extensively with clients over many years in the domestic and sexual violence and abuse arena, I remain passionate about providing a meaningful experience for each and every client.

Cinical Supervision

Having provided clinical supervision for nearly 20 years, I have to say it is one of the most enjoyable parts of my work.

Be it individual or group supervision, I determine to create an engaging environment, whereby it is possible to be honest, challenging and supportive.

In my opinion we receive guidance and learn best when we feel safe and relaxed to reflect on our practice, explore ideas on avoidance and discomfort and how best to assist clients in this process.

Domestic Abuse Training

Having qualified as a psychotherapist in 1999, I came to understand that many of the people I trained with or worked alongside had little or no understanding of the dynamics of power & control within relationships as well as the wider group context.

I felt this needed to be addressed and I started to liaise with statutory agencies about the significant challenges victims face when they start to acknowledge the abuse they live with as well as the ones they face when beginning the often long process of leaving their abusive relationships.

From this starting point, my workshops and trainings were developed.

When Love Bites

I wrote When Love Bites with respect to the thousands of young people and adults with whom I have worked across three decades, that experienced direct harm and suffering at the hands of the person that was supposed to love, care and respect them.

Nearly all wished that someone had noticed what was happening to them, warned them or talked more openly about the reality of coercive and controlling behaviours. It is my aim that this book will help start that conversation.


When Love Bites is not available in book shops, or via Amazon.

Only via the author, Cathy Press.

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