When Love Bites by Cathy Press


Are you in an abusive relationship?

Do you feel worried or nervous around your partner?

Do they twist your words, put you down, threaten or physically hurt you?

If yes, then these are just some of the signs you could be in an abusive relationship and need help to get out.

When Love Bites is a brand new book for young people just like you. It’s broken into short, easy-to-read sections that explain the different types of abusive behaviour, what it feels like to be on the receiving end and what to do about it.

You can either read it from cover to cover or dip in and out of the bits that are relevant to you.

It can be hard to admit something isn’t right in your relationship – especially if no one else can see it. But When Love Bites will help you to understand what’s happening, reassure you that it’s not your fault and – most importantly – give you the tools and confidence to leave safely.

Coercive and toxic behaviours are pretty common in young people’s relationships, so you are not alone and it doesn’t mean you have to put up with it.

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A young person’s guide to escaping the trap of harmful, toxic and hurtful relationships.

When Love Bites aims to make clear that you are not responsible for the way you are treated by your partner or for how you feel about yourself as a result of their behaviour.

You can only be responsible for your own behaviour, and in turn, your partner is responsible for the way they choose to behave towards you.

I was inspired to write When Love Bites as a result of working over three decades as a psychotherapist with thousands of people, both teenagers and adults and encompassing all sexual orientations, who have had long histories of relationship abuse.

Much of this suffering could have been avoided if they had had access to the knowledge, insight and learning in their teenage years.

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