Young people can be affected in a variety of ways, none of which help them to feel good about themselves.

Essentially, the challenges of being in a relationship with someone who behaves in this way, can lead to experiencing symptoms of poor mental health, low mood and anxiety.

Many young people experience gaslighting in their early relationships and friendships at a time when they are learning about themselves, their identity, values, beliefs and ideas.

Therefore, the impact of gaslighting and the context of such toxic early relationships and friendships can be very damaging.

Sadly, gaslighting behaviours are being normalised in young relationships.

Below are some signs that your child is being gaslighted:

  • Feeling unsure about making choices and decisions
  • Unsure about trusting their own judgement
  • Seeming less confident than usual
  • Seems more over-sensitive and emotional than usual
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Overthinking and/or spiralling thoughts
  • Significant changes to their appearance
  • Accuses you of criticising them
  • Withdraws from the family and/or friends
  • Less affectionate and demonstrative
  • Run down
  • Lacks motivation
  • Self-destructive behaviours

If you are a concerned parent or care giver you may well find When Love Bites a helpful guide – it is written for Young People but is perfectly accessible to adults too.

An image from the When Love Bites by Cathy Press
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