Cathy is a BACP Snr: Accred Supervisor offering integrative supervision to both student and qualified counsellors one to one or in small groups.

Initially trained in Person Centred therapy, my practice has developed more integratively over years, embracing Transpersonal Psychology, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Cognitive Analytic Therapy, Psychodynamic theory, Attachment Focused Therapy, Transactional Analysis (T), art and creative therapies and Inter-cultural approaches.

For me, supervision should be a vibrant experience which is engaging, challenging, encouraging and genuinely supportive. I really enjoy giving supervision and am enthusiastic about developing a collegial interaction and a safe and secure relationship of trust, whereby supervisees feel able to be honest about their client work, their fears or concerns as well as their triumphs. Supervision is a learning process enabling a constructive reflection of client work, counselling practice and the counselling process to take place. If you want to grow and develop your practice as a therapist rather than just tick a box, then this is the supervision for you.

Supervision is an ethical requirement of the BACP, as well as a requirement for some agencies and organisations. It ensures accountability and guidance for those of us working with vulnerable others. Many of us work in isolation with our clients and supervision helps to ensure we maintain our boundaries and our professionalism. The Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions that Cathy adheres to supports us in dealing with the varied ethical dilemmas that can arise in within the counselling relationship


Without supervision a therapist might:


Be left confused or overwhelmed

Use inappropriate interventions

Lose sight of transference and counter-transference

Become de-sensitised to their client’s issues

Fail to recognise the need for referrals

Reach burn out easily

Clinical Supervision enables:


Fresh insight

Monitoring blocks and avoidance



Monitoring content, process, theory and practice

Monitoring and evaluation of strategies and interventions

Exploration of new ideas & techniques

Monitoring and evaluation

Attention to fitness to practice and observation of ethics

Facilitation of personal development

Monitoring risk and safeguarding

Cathy works in private practice as a supervisor, as well as with counsellors from the Kernos Counselling Centre and CARA (Colchester Against Rape & Abuse). Cathy also provides supervision for other services and staff teams focussing on domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Over the years Cathy has managed specialist therapeutic teams and clinical services for a wide range of specialist domestic and sexual violence agencies and brings a wealth of experience to the counsellors she works with.

Students and qualified counsellors having supervision come from a range of training establishments including:


Anglia Ruskin University

Colchester Institute

East London University

South Essex College



University Campus Suffolk

University of Essex

Victoria School of Counselling

West Suffolk College

Supervision Fees provided on request. Cathy offers a reduced rate for trainee counsellors.


When Love Bites is not available in book shops, or via Amazon.

Only via the author, Cathy Press.

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